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Buy “Like” for Facebook

The desire to grow in the number of fans leads certain brands to buy I like you through different pages. A priori, it may seem an effective measure, since exponential growth is immediate, but it carries risks.

The drop in the organic reach of Facebook pages is a reality. The Facebook Zero, as it has been called, is here. In this post we do not want to talk about the dissemination of publications, a problem that has already been discussed in other forums, we will focus on the moment when we start a page and find how difficult it is to get followers.

At the start of a new Facebook page, the follower count advances slowly, and the pressure to get a community can lead us to cheat and buy Facebook likes lots of followers on websites that offer this possibility. This is a strategy that can lead to total failure and the danger of having a page that is a real problem for the brand.

For a brand or company, a rapid surge in followers must be a reason for mistrust, since this dangerous practice can be found behind them, which entails a risk to its own reputation, with consequences, among which we highlight those that we consider the most important:

We must be clear that a Facebook page of a business or personal brand becomes its showcase. With this practice, a high number of fans is achieved, but not active participation, so a poor image of the brand will be transmitted, supported by communication that, in the eyes of its public, fails to generate interest.

The main attraction of this communication channel with the public of a brand is to be able to extract analytical information related to the consumer profile, such as age, geographic location, tastes, etc. By resorting to the purchase of fans, this possibility is destroyed, and with it the marketing opportunities associated with the interests of consumers.

The first consequence of buy Facebook post likes places us in the Edge Rank: the algorithm with which Facebook measures the interest generated by the content of the pages, based on the interaction generated. In a very simplified way, we can say that having thousands of fans on a page, but with a zero level of activity in it, causes that, given the lack of interaction observed by the community, Facebook estimates that the publications on the page they lack interest, and therefore the organic diffusion of the page will be diminished more and more strongly.

We must not forget about Facebook’s own tool for promoting news or products, Facebook ads. This tool gives us a wide segmentation of audiences to target when launching a promotion. In relation to this tool, the purchase of Me Gusts brings with it direct consequences on the cost and effectiveness of the promotion.

The increase in the cost of these promotions occurs since Facebook calculates this based on the number of followers a brand has: the greater the number of followers, the higher the cost of the promotion. In this sense, we must add that such cost will be even higher if the promotion is aimed exclusively at the followers that the page already has since the universe is larger.

The cost increase is justified by the number of fans it is targeting, but these fans, we must remember, are false and therefore represent a failed investment, aimed at profiles with a high connection cost, behind which we hide no current or future clients.

To all this, we must add the possibility that Facebook detects fraud, and eliminates these fans, so to the aforementioned consequences, we must add, find ourselves again at the starting point, but with the credibility of our brand in serious danger.

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