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Facebook announces video marketing tool

Collaboration tools for companies to search for content creators

Facebook has developed services such as 360-degree video and live distribution. In addition to becoming more important on Facebook, these services are becoming more competitive with Google and YouTube for viewers. Search Engine Watch writer Luke Richards describes marketing with Facebook videos.

Facebook announced the Brand Collaboration Manager in a few time Ago. A tool that helps companies find and partner with video creators. Currently available only in the United States, it is expected to soon be rolled out to other regions. For producers, it can be used to create their own portfolio and showcase their [email protected] the best payment gateway for your online payments.

Video is interactive due to the gamification function and voting function

Content creators who leverage Facebook videos are becoming more successful. Facebook now prioritizes videos in news feeds and is rated as important in search results.

Interactive services are being developed to take advantage of video. It includes a voting function for live and on-demand videos, and a “gamification function” to give fans a unique and enjoyable experience.

The door to Facebook Watch, which publishes original content, opens wider

Facebook Watch was rolled out only in the United States, and only featured TV shows were broadcast. The latest announcement plans to give other content creators the opportunity to publish their videos. There is a possibility that videos created by Facebook users will be lined up along with content created by major companies.

Facebook announces video marketing tool

The latest Facebook tools, including Brand Collaboration Manager, provide new channels for businesses to connect with potential customers. Encourage companies and content creators, and ultimately Facebook users, to create, view, and communicate with their content. It’s no exaggeration to say that video is the future of Facebook. With a focus on video, it has the potential to boost the Facebook community and establish a solid position in the YouTube-dominated market. The more unique content is posted, the more users will be actively searching for and watching videos.

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