Instagram Discovery Tab Algorithm
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Instagram Discovery Tab Algorithm

The “Discovery” tab that appears when you tap the magnifying glass icon on the Instagram app. Needless to say, it is displayed by machine learning because the content displayed by each individual is different, but what kind of algorithm is specifically designed?

This time, based on the officially announced information, I will briefly introduce two tips that make it easier to put on the discovery tab.

Post content specific to a genre

Since various people post on various genres on Instagram, it is difficult to judge what kind of photo is posted for each post with current technology.

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With the personal account that you usually use, many people post in various genres such as food photos, children’s photos, landscape photos, but among them, only cat photos/videos / specific I wonder if some people follow accounts that only post pictures of idol groups. Instagram is not posting but catching up information for each account. It may be said that an account that publishes only the content of a specific theme is more likely to be prioritized than a post of disjointed themes.

Send content that makes you want to “save”

It doesn’t mean that you should make a specialized post, but we also attach great importance to the number of reactions after posting. Instagram has announced that the number of saved items is more important than the likes. However, no matter how many themes are specialized and the number of responses is high, only the same account will not be displayed. If you have a lot of operations with similar themes, it can be said that you can operate with multiple accounts.
Instagram Discovery Tab Algorithm

Let’s distribute high-quality content such as those introduced on the discovery tab of Instagram, keeping in mind how to add hashtags that meet the needs of users and posted content.

Instagram stories are now discoverable in the Explore section and are set up to reach more viewers.

Find is the feed that appears below the search bar when you go to the Search tab. It’s designed to help you find content for people you don’t follow.

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